Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sharon

Dear Sharon,

I loved your blog.  I got to know you on DandelionEnd (or the Flipside thereof).  I will always be thankful that you were a blogger back in the day.  And friends with the Old Lady from OK who got to know me.  Back then I had no idea the things that I would be going through and none about your trials either.  It is well established that I whine about the trials and you are the stiff upper lip type.  We both trust in Jesus, you are just a better example and role model than I am.

Anyway, I have put in a lot of prayer over you recently.  I can't possibly know how you feel or what you are going through, but I pray and I care.  I want to meet you someday (preferably in the summer as I tend to whine about the winter and Minnesota seems really cold this time of year).  I think we would like each other, I would be like the really older sister who is a stick in the mud but enjoys seeing the young ones have fun.

So on this your 29th birthday, dance, have fun, enjoy the day set ahead of you.  I know you already have that planned.

Your friend,


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