Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Five Favorites

Hallie at Moxie Wife hosts the Five Favorites.  I have tried to participate before, but I never got linked up.  So, this week I am hoping for a charm.

My 5 favorites are beauty aides.  Now nobody would call me either beautiful or vain, I think.  I am old and fat.  But, like most women, I do what I can with what I have.  These are my five favorites in the beauty department.


This Oil of Olay face scrubbing brush system is my favorite new thing of the year.  My husband looked at it the other day and asked if I had not heard of a washcloth.  I have.  That is what I always thought, "Why would I need a scrubber brush when I could just use a washcloth?"   I originally asked for the expensive Clarsonic brush which cost over $100 for Christmas last year because I heard about it on a couple of blogs.  I didn't get it and I gave up the idea because I couldn't see myself spending that kind of money for that.  Then in a local discount retailer this fall I saw this one which was under $20 and I thought it was worth a try.  It was.  It really was.  My skin has become smoother and some of the mixture of dry skin and break-out sensitive skin has really gotten better.  I use it once a day in the shower with the face cleaner I used to use with the washcloth.  It is fabulous.

In the winter I have very dry skin.  I really like a product called Quench, but it is almost impossible to find in the stores.  I have given up looking for it  I have discovered that I like the Bath and Body shower gels with shea oil just and well.  I like the smell of this one, Velvet Sugar, especially.  It doesn't bother my nose that is usually very sensitive to scented anything.  I also like the Japanese Cherry Blossom scented one. The advantage to the Bath and Body gels is that they are readily available at the stores which seem to be everywhere.
I like this little tinted brilliance balm by Pixi.  I use some Chapstick and Burt's Bee products in the winter, but I love the feel of this balm.  It is really smooth.  The tint of color is perfect for my minimal make up wearing face.
My curling iron is a beauty product that I couldn't live without.  My favorite one is starting to go bad in the part that clicks open to admit my hair.  I have others, but none I like as well.  I have used curling irons most of my life.
And last but not least, I love this towel. In real life, there is a little more green in the color.  I have decided that having a towel in my favorite color is a beauty necessity.  Even though this one doesn't "go" with any bathroom décor I have ever had, it makes my smile a little bit every time I use it. I highly recommend one beautiful towel in your favorite color.

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