Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival.  Go visit the rest at the Conversion Diary.

1. Well, the week before this one my school district took the week off.  We had a big snow on that first Sunday of the year and that was that.  Each day I thought, surely we are going back today.  I even packed lunch one night.  Then the phone rang and school was called mainly for road conditions and piles of snow at the bus stops.  I was so anxious to get back to school in part because these are days we will be making up in May and June, but also because staying home gets lonely.  I don't do well with unstructured days. This week was much better.  Busy and crazy, but normal somehow.
This was the snow mid week, but now, except for the big piles in parking lots, it is gone.  Anyway for spring? (Probably I am too early for that, but a girl can dream.)

2. At Mass on Sunday morning Father Meyer said that last week there were only about 20 people at 9am Mass because of the blizzard.  I am a little surprised that there were 20.  But, this Sunday temperatures were up in the 50s and church was full.

3. On Monday we went to a postponed Epiphany party at the Renewal Center.  It was fun to catch up with old friends. and then Tuesday back to the center for spiritual direction.

4.  Did I mention that when I went to the movie last week the person automatically charged me the senior rate?  Without asking.  I think that was a first.  And not a good first.  Are all the milestones bad after 60?

5. My high school student worker was sick the first two days we were back to school.  In that time I had accumulated 3 carts (2 of them were double-sided) of books for her to put away.  And yet she finished it on Wednesday when she came back and had time to file some stuff for me.

6. The book club kids introduced me to the newest slang.  It is "the feels,"  as in "The end of that book gave me the feels, I didn't know whether I wanted to laugh or cry."  And the way the feels is pronounced is with emphasis and almost a whisper.  So now you know.

7. I am headed to the foot doctor this morning and then up to Quincy.  I need to sort out my mother and her medicines.  She let her arthritis medicine run out and needed the scrip re-written, but wasn't sure if it was for her bowels or what.  And she thought she would wait until she really needed it before she called the doctor about it.  But, she was thinking that she needed a knee replacement.  But, the knee wasn't bad enough to need Tylenol or the arthritis medicine.  Mostly my mom is really sensible, but sometimes she makes me a little nuts.  So, Monday I called the doctor and told on her that she needed the arthritis medicine and I am going up to try to smooth things over this weekend.

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