Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. This past weekend's snow and cold will be one for the record books.  In total we had about a foot of snow from Saturday night and while the winds howled all day Sunday and the snow came down.  Then the temperatures dropped below zero.  My school, as well as most, if not all schools in the area, were called off Monday. It was really cold.  There was a lot of snow. This is not something we are used to in St. Louis. They were calling it a blizzard, and not the kind you buy at Dairy Queen.

I baked banana bread Sunday.  I tried to make some draft dodgers for the winds by rolling up towels and putting them in the windows.  They did the trick, but I ran out of towels.

2. It was super cold below zero the whole day on Monday.  Hubby stayed home from work with me.  We did some cleaning on the basement. I mopped the floors and oiled the cabinets in the kitchen.  It felt like a productive day.

3.  Then my school was called off on Tuesday as well.  I was about over staying home, but it was still cold and the roads were not well cleared.  I got two quilt tops ready to quilt. It always takes me more time than I think it will.
This one is supposed to be for a baby due in March.  I just found out about him on Christmas Eve.  If I don't get it finished, the mom will never know that I planned it for her.  I really like the colors.

This one is also for a March baby.  The light blue started off pink squares, but the baby is a boy.  He is the son of a couple of my son's friends.  I will finish this one by March.

4.  Then school was called off Wednesday.  It was sunny and the roads were fairly clear.  I went to 8 o'clock Mass especially to pray for a friend having surgery that day.  Then I shopped.  In the afternoon I went to see the movie Philomena.  I liked it.  I am sure that it is controversial in some ways, but it is based on a true story.  I liked Philomena's words toward the end.

At night I had my women's group that we call the Yayas.  We talked about the things going on in our lives.  Aging parents, aging bodies, worries about our kids, the usual.

5. Then school was called off on Thursday.  Apparently they can't get the streets clear up where some of the kids live.  And we had an inch of snow at the commute time.  I was at sixes and sevens because I had already had my day of fun. I finished reading a book and started on the quilts.

6. So, Thursday night the phone rang yet again. And school was called off again for Friday.  So, it has been a week of summer vacation spent in the snow.  My school district has no more snow days and I bet there will be more snow.  I am so tired of staying home.  I am lonely and grouchy.  It is really hard to spend this much time trying to motivate myself to do things.

7.  Conclusions from the week are:  I am not ready to be retired because I find it hard to be productive when I spend the day alone.  I am on the verge of an extrovert and introvert.  Too much time with people and I am exhausted, too much time alone and I get depressed and sad.  I am a mess. 

I am also done with snow and snow days for this winter.  I imagine that winter is not done with me.  I can hear God whispering--Where were you when I made the world and put the winds in motion?

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