Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Communion Dresses in History

My sister and I are 5 years apart in age--the oldest and the youngest.
My First Communion dress was a handmade eyelet cotton dress.  I remember being mortified that you could see my petticoat through the holes in the dress.  It did not seem at all proper to me.  It is a pretty dress, but it has a big stain that I haven't been able to remove.
Five years later my sister had a store bought dress.  She wore a bigger size than I did.  Her dress is see through and I am sure you could see her petticoat. I doubt that she was embarrassed by that.  It also has a big stain on the dress that I haven't been able to remove.
Although our dresses might be called heirlooms or legacies, they haven't been worn by any other of the little girls in the family.  My little God-daughter is receiving First Holy Communion today.  (I think I will remind her to change clothes before she eats.)

(And I am thinking if I ever have a grandchild, perhaps I will cut up the good parts of my dress and make a Baptismal garment out of it.)

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Tami said...

Love the Baptismal gown idea. I've heard of people doing that with their wedding dresses.