Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes in Ordinary Time

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this meme.  Go visit the rest.

1. Last Friday in St. Louis there were temperatures almost up to 60.  It felt like spring.  The bulbs that started coming up thought so.  But then Saturday the temperatures plunged and there was a little freezing rain and ice.  The January thaw was over.

Hubby took me out for a dinner date since the activity we had planned to go to was potentially cancelled.

2. Sunday was cold.  So we went to Culver's for the frozen custard.  We laugh in the face of adversity.

 We went over to our old house and moved some things out of our son's basement.  I found a couple of books I had been looking for and luggage carts!  I almost bought a new luggage cart!  I had 3.

3. Sunday night /Monday morning I made an important decision.  I am finished being tortured by our old cat. He was yowling through the night to be fed.  Last week on one of the nights I got no sleep at all because of the cat crying at our door.  I prayed that the Lord would kill the cat for me, didn't happen.  So, I prayed I could sleep through the cat yelling, didn't happen.  Suddenly, divine inspiration told me that if I took the long card table and put it across the stairs, the cats would be downstairs and I wouldn't hear the old cat.  I jumped from the bed.  Ran to the basement, took down the card table, put it across the stairs, and voila, slept the rest of the night.  Praise the Lord!

On Wednesday evening we bought a baby gate. Alleluia!

4. I made soup again this week  Soup du jour.  This week it was golden butternut squash, sliced mushrooms and onions, and cooked apples with raisins.  I mashed the squash and added milk to water it down to soup and added a little salt.  It was a little sweet, but very good at lunchtime.  I find that I crave the A vitamin in the winter.

5. It is winter and I find myself wanting to quilt and read and cook and not do much else.  Boring, my life is boring.  I figure that it is like hibernation.

6. My book club couldn't figure out the question of the week this week.  I couldn't figure it out either.  I guess we won't win the contest this year for the question of the week.

7. I am being observed today.  That means that my teaching will be evaluated.  It always really makes me nervous.  I am a good teacher, in my opinion.  People learn things from me when I teach them.  But, throwing in whatever the latest "new" teaching thing is getting more challenging in part because I am old and in part because I am a librarian and I haven't had the practice to keep up with the "new" things.

2 comments: said...

How nice to find another MO blogger!

I love Culver's, and not just for the custard. But I know the calorie count's so high I haven't been in sooooooooo long....

Magdalen Dobson said...

I love making soup! I usually make a big pot on Mondays and eat it for the rest of the week--that way I don't have to worry about healthy lunches all through the week, since I already have one in the fridge.