Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ides of January

The fifteenth of January, the first week of Ordinary Time.  It is the green season.  Not a time to fast and abstain, not a time to feast.  Ordinary time.

My ordinary life has resumed.  I am back at school with all the busy-ness.  Winter makes me tired.  It is the cold and the early dark.  My school, like schools all over the country are looking at safety.  My library has glass doors and walls everywhere.  I could run, but I couldn't hide.  We have a police officer who wears a gun on the premises at all times, but I doubt he could do much against a machine gun.  Mostly, I just hope that is something I never have to think about.

My book club is getting ready to compete for slots on the field trip bus.  I have 16 regular kids and 10 to 12 slots on the bus.  I will be sorry to eliminate some of the kids from the competition.  They are such a good group.  The field trip isn't until May, but the names are due in February.

I am finishing up the pink quilt in the next couple of weeks and thinking about the next project.  I have done some thinking about the quilting and I am changing directions.  I really don't care for the pink quilt I am working on for a number of reasons even beyond the pink.  I don't like the dark pink square in the center. Silly to let one square throw me, but I didn't like it from the beginning and I wish I had changed it, but have not the will to start over at this point. I don't like the bigger squares on this quilt. I used a slightly bigger template than a sticky note. I judge the pink fabric to be boring and have no whimsy or art to it.  But, I realize that whoever this quilt is for won't feel those things.  They will just see a lovely pink quilt.  I have been praying for the baby. But, my next quilts will have some soul to them and not look like something mass produced in China.

I finally finished the little prayer book I started working on for my friend last summer.  I haven't given it to her yet.  I need to walk myself over to her house and present it.  I think I will do another one.  I am not sure who this one is for.

I have decided to go to the librarian's conference at the Lake again this year.  It will be something to blog about, if nothing else. But, applications are due by the end of the month.  I had better get cracking. 

I am being observed at my teaching on Friday.  I am doing a little workshop on reading in a couple of weeks.  Stress.  But, fun to be challenged.

So, that is what is going on around here.  Ordinary time.

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