Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent By Candlelight, Year Two

My parish is on the second year of hosting an Advent By Candlelight event.  This year we jumped the gun and had a Before Advent by Candlelight because we do it on a Friday and there were issues involving the Santa brunch and the Holy Day and then Oh My, Too Close to Christmas....So on the Friday before Advent began, the women of my parish got together in song and prayer, to hear a talk and eat dessert by candlelight. The speaker was miraculously healed of a very aggressive cancer.  Her cause has been investigated for the sainthood of this priest.

Once again I was a hostess.  Last year, the hostess thing stressed me to the max, but this year I was more relaxed.  Next year I will probably have the guests bring their own snacks, desserts and table settings, because I am so relaxed (just kidding).  I have gotten a lot of "hits" from the stat counter for my pictures of the table settings.  So I will show this year's models.

Each hostess brings her own table setting.  At my parish, the parish supplies the white tablecloth and that is about it.  So, plates, glasses, "silverware," centerpiece, snacks, desserts, party favors, and napkins are supplied by the hostess.  That can be a lot of stuff, heavy stuff, to haul over to the parish hall on that Friday and a lot of stuff to pack back up and haul home, dirty, at the end of the evening.

All the tables were lovely from the simplest to the most elaborate.  And here they are:
This was my table and the green plastic glasses didn't look so electric in person, in my opinion. (I should have Photoshopped them to be amber.)

Or maybe I should have switched them for this table's red ones. (My friend would never have noticed, would she?)

This hostess gave away the flowers as her party favor.  (I wonder what I would have to do to be invited to her table?)

This hostess inherited purple glass plates and was all ready for the Advent theme.

Pretty, pretty!

Manger scene in the center and elegant dessert plates.

This one had an LED battery powered Jesse tree in the center.

I suspect that the little trees were the favors at this table.

Lovely sparkle.  And a chance to use the deer plates.

This lady had a matching set of the snack plates.  I don't have that many of the same pattern.

I want this hostess to teach me how to set a beautiful and inviting table.
And this one is one of my favorites for elegance.

Very Advent-y.

Another simple one with a manger scene in the center.

This lady sat at my table last year and I told her she should have her own table because she could work for people and give them ideas.  She made tiny Advent wreaths for each guest at her table.  I wonder what I could do to be invited to her table?

This is a beautiful table, but the thing I admire the most are the figures of the Holy Family with Mary very large with child on the donkey.

Red and Christmas-y.  A little angel ornament was a favor for the guests.

This hostess concentrated on food and comfort.

Back to my table and the unfortunate glaring green plasticware.  I am just kidding about it, because the point of the evening is to have some sister-ship and be inspired, not a competition for the most lovely table or best refreshments. (At least I hope not.)

As the librarian that I am, I gave a bookmark for a party favor.  And in the creation of this gift, the Lord taught me some valuable lessons.  I shall write about them another time.


Tami said...

I like your green cups. They are festive.

It looks like a wonderful evening.

Mary said...

That night I thought the cups looked great. I think the photos just made them look really bright. The picture of my table doesn't look the way my mind remembers it, if that makes any sense. (And if bright green cups ruined anyone's evening, they are very blessed to have few sorrows in their lives.)