Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Books

I ordered about $6,000 worth of books a few weeks ago.  For my library, not for me personally.  I have a budget of over $16,000 for my library and that doesn't really buy a lot of books.  Not for 850 children.  The way they figure it is, one new book added per student, per year.  My school opened 5 years ago and I have books falling apart for overuse, but no outdated books yet.
When I came back to school after being out for my mother in law's funeral in Cincinnati, I found these waiting for me.  Ten boxes of books just waiting for me. It was sort of like Christmas.

So after much deliberation, I opened those boxes.

Each box takes approximately one shelf on the book truck.

These books filled about two carts.  By last Friday I had only one cart left to process.  I work those books pretty quickly. By the next Tuesday, I had about a half of one shelf to do.  But, then the last box arrived.

Just a little library story--On Thursday last week a little girl (7th grader) asked if I had the Bible in the library.  I told her I did and took her to the 200s where the religion books are located.  I showed her the New Jerusalem Bible, which is the one we have.  She looked at it and asked in hushed tones--Can I check it out?  I told her, of course.  She decided against checking it out then, but it makes me think, perhaps I need to get another Bible.  One in modern language might be good for this age kiddo.....And they say God doesn't visit the public schools from time to time.....


mary333 said...

We were supposed to have Book Fair Week at my daughter's school but it was cancelled due to the storm. My daughter loves the Book Fair! The librarian at her school must dread it ;)

What's nice about the elementary schools is that if parents order books from Scholastic online then the school gets a free book for each order. Can't people and stores donate books and money to middle school libraries?

I'm glad you got some new books to fill the shelves, Mary. They must fall apart after a while. Kids aren't that easy on books though I suppose by middle school they are more careful.

Mary said...

More careful, they aren't. Imagine books stuffed in lockers.

I bet the elementary librarian loves the book fair. I do it completely by myself and it is a lot of pressure. And I am not a selling type of person.

I have a very nice budget for books, but I barely keep up with the lost and destroyed books. Still, 10 boxes of new books was very much like Christmas.