Thursday, November 10, 2011

God Is Good

God Is Good.  Sometimes in our limited human understanding we can see that goodness.  Sometimes goodness speaks to us and we recognize it.  And sometimes we don't. But, whether we recognize it within the circumstances, God is always good.

When my mother in law passed away so soon after we told her goodbye, it was easy to see the hand of God calling her home. It was mercy and grace.  We weren't glad that she was gone, but glad that she suffered no more, glad that she danced in eternity rather than lay helpless in a bed.

When I lost a baby through ectopic pregnancy, a baby that I had longed for and wanted and prayed for, it was hard to acknowledge God's goodness.  It was harder to accept this as mercy and love and grace.  It was hard.  But, taking a long view, that baby got a fast track to eternity and never suffered or cried or needed anything.  Within that painful circumstance I was able to grow closer to the mystery, grow closer to God.  God is good.

In my limited understanding I don't always grasp the love that God extends within the circumstances of my life.  Sometimes I am slow and stubborn. But, I have learned and I believe--God is good, all the time.


Rebecca said...

I was just praying on the Truth that God is the same today as he was just before we started trying for a baby. That my disappointments do not change who He is.

Tami said...

Sometimes it is easier to see through our pain, and find the goodness of God. Sometimes it is just a struggle to put one foot in front of the other. Yes, it is by His grace that we have our faith. Our faith which reminds us, in our limited ability, that He is indeed good all the time. We just don't have the picture of the future, to see exactly how each situation is going to help us at some point in our lives.

Charlene said...

God is good and He is with us to love and support us no matter what happens. Sometimes life is hard but those are the time we need His gentleness more than ever. Sometimes it's hard to see His goodness, at those times it's good to have loved ones around that can help carry us to Him.