Monday, November 7, 2011

The Funeral Trip

When we went to Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago for my mother in law's funeral we stayed here.  I don't recommend this place.  I think there may have been mold in the heater.  Something really made my cough bad there and I didn't sleep either night.  But, it is the closest hotel to the church where the funeral was held.

This is St Martin's in Cheviot, OH.  It is a beautiful old church.  I had been there for weddings and on Sundays when we happened to be in town.

The pallbearers really carried the coffin. It was a lovely day weather wise.

At the chapel at the cemetery where we said good bye.

Four grandsons and a stepdaughter served as the pallbearers.

This statue was inside the chapel in the cemetery.  Very calming, I thought.

We stopped by to see the grave site and then went over to another cemetery nearby where hubby's grandma was buried.  I was always amused that this was just beyond the backyard of his boyhood home.  She didn't go far.

This little great niece of mine may not remember her great grandma's funeral, but she might.

This little one won't remember, but we will tell her.

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Tami said...

Oh my, those big brown eyes just melt your heart.