Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I participated in a weird game called dodgebrick.  It involved receiving a brick in the mail and sending it on to somewhere else.  I didn't volunteer for it.  It just happened.  Like the cough I had.  Anyway I kept the brick way too long. We went to Alabama and Ohio two weekends in a row.  And I had a cough.  Then the Cardinals were winning the World Series and the brick asked to stay until the Series was over. I still had the cough.  But the time had come to gift someone else with the "prize."

Part of the fun was taking a picture of the dodgebrick somewhere.  I thought that with my cat named Dodger, who is often called Dodge or Mr. Dogs was the perfect fit for this brick.

But Rudy, the younger cat, was jealous, so I took his picture too.

Check soon at a mailbox near you, for Dodgebrick!


mary333 said...

Very funny, Mary :) No way am I sending you my address. Not until that brick is gone at least.

Love the cat pictures though!

Mary said...

The brick has left Missouri. Rumor has it that it has landed in Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains....
But all I have to say to you and Tami and everybody else who wouldn't give me an address--Chicken!

mary333 said...

Lol! You got that right!