Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blogging, Those Were the Days My Friend

I began blogging way back before scheduling posts was possible.  When I began blogging I couldn't believe I was doing something without reading a book about it first.  I read about blogging on blogs and on articles online.  When I began blogging I felt totally anonymous and I halfway wished people would read my blog and I halfway wished that they wouldn't.  When I started blogging I didn't know what to do about commenting.  I still don't.  Commenting is an art and I am not artful.

When I began blogging I thought the discipline of daily blogging would develop my writing skills.  Instead, I think it hasn't.  But, I find I don't care as much about that as I thought I would.  I am a rather scattered blogger.  Sometimes I blog to proclaim the Gospel and tell the wonders that God has done.  Sometimes blogging is my scrapbook or personal journal.  Other times I do silly stuff to entertain my mind.  When I started blogging I had so much to say I would blog two or three times a day and I had to stop myself from interrupting myself so much on the blog.

Scheduling changed blogging for me.  I like to post ahead.  That gives me time to edit or consider.  At times I yank the thing off before it ever appears.  At times I polish and polish the apple.  I like appearing daily with something new on this blog.  Anything new. I am not too picky.

I like blogging so much more than Facebook or Twitter or texting or the other social network possiblilities.  I like blogging.  I don't think I am clever enough or nice enough or friendly enough for anyone to want me in their facebook all the time.  Blogging gives me a chance to say something when I don't think there is anyone out there to listen.  It surprises me when I find out that there are people out there listening.

The world may have moved on to something else and nobody may care about this or any other blog.  Blogging may be old school or boring.  But, as for me, I like blogs.  I like blogging.


Tami said...

I love your blogging. I'm glad you don't hang up your hat, because I enjoy the variety. You touch my heart and help me to grow. Thanks Mary.

mary333 said...

I'm with Tami...I enjoy the variety in your blog posts. You have a good mixture here of thoughtful, funny, sad, spiritual, and everyday stuff.