Friday, November 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler graciously hosts this Meme each week and writes wonderful examples.  She lets the rest of us tag along.
Here's mine--

1. At 3am on Monday morning someone from St Louis according to my stats made an angry comment with regard to my Southern Belles post a while back.  I guess I could see how you might take offense if you weren't a regular reader and didn't know my running joke about "The South" and how St Louis isn't supposed to be getting all the snow etc. (They actually told me how many inches we get compared to northern Illinois. We get nine inches less on average, praise God!)  I don't really believe those things about the South, I am kidding.  If you weren't a regular reader, I can see how you might not "get" that.  But, seriously, Anonymous in St. Louis,  there are plenty of southern things in St. Louis. In the past there were in Missouri such institutions as slavery and auctioning slaves on the courthouse steps and Dred Scott, for goodness sake. Did you not study the Missouri Compromise in history? St. Louis is in Missouri which was a border state, which makes it in some ways THE SOUTH.  But, I do understand that Missourians aren't comfortable with that history, especially if your family goes back 3 generations in outstate Miss-sor-rah. (I have probably left myself open to major attacks from the "Missourians for covering up the past" societies.) All I can say is, lighten up.  I was KIDDING. ((And go to bed, I always worry about people who read my blog in the middle of the night.)) (And you can no longer make anonymous comments on my blog, I removed that feature, but I let your comment post.)

2. My uncle who lost his wife (my mom's youngest sister) last summer is still trying to get adjusted to life alone after being married for 63 years.  He is talking about getting a new car and about the possibility of getting married again, so I guess he is getting on with things.  I saw him this past weekend when I went up to Quincy to visit with my mom.

3. My cough is almost gone.  Yay! What I need is a good hard freeze for twelve hours. It is the leaf mold that is killing me.  Too bad I live in the SOUTH where we have late freezes. (Oh, I am in so much trouble with anonymous in St. Louis.)

4. So today is Veterans Day.  In the 11th month, the 11th day and the 11th hour the peace was declared.  And this year it is the 11th year as well.  My hubby has the day off which is only fitting because he is a veteran of 20 years serving in the Navy.

5. I lector this coming Sunday.  Proverbs 31 is the first reading.  It is about a worthy wife.  It is also my birthday.  And we will meet the new associate pastor and we can take home the booklets about the changes in the Mass.  Sunday will just be full of bounty.

6. I am getting CONCERT tickets for my birthday! I will talk more about that later. Because the concert is next week.

7. I think I am hosting a table at our Advent by Candlelight at church this year.  I hope somebody says yes and sits at my table.  (I have to decorate it.  Any suggestions?  It is a big round table with a white tablecloth.  I am thinking of just ordering something at the florist.  Like the ones at the wedding last December.  Only maybe lavender and pink for Advent.)


Juliana said...

St. Louis is definitely southren! (ha!) My parents (who are born and bred Yankees) live in Jefferson City and the culture shock has worn off over the years, but it is still different than the North!

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

I was born in St. Louis and always considered it the South. But now I live in Houston, and there a people here who think that those who live in Dallas are "damn Yankees." sheesh.

Tami said...

I love that center piece. You can never go wrong with beautiful flowers. Pink and lavender would be pretty, but I think the all white, with some ivory candles placed around would be striking. Good luck.