Friday, November 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts the 7 Quick Takes.  Go take a look around.

1. The Cardinals, our local baseball team won the World Series, in case you haven't heard.  I am not a big baseball fan, but it is hard not to celebrate when your hometown team wins.  Some people go crazy about things like that. Rams won their first game of the season on the same weekend.  If I was a sportsfan it would have been a great weekend.  It is hard not to cheer the home teams when they win.

2. Halloween brought out a ton of trick or treaters in my neighborhood. I ran out of candy by 7:30. It was clear that a great many of the kids didn't live in the neighborhood. That is okay with me, but the scavengers really sucked up the candy. I liked that there were a lot of parents and a lot of laughter going on out there. I heard a couple of jokes and I even remember one of them. Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? He had no guts.

3. Tuesday morning I got up early and went to 6:30 am Mass for All Saints Day.  It made me a little late heading for school.  As I inched up to the 4 way stop near my school, I was shocked when an SUV shot past on the right side of my car through the turn lane.  A police car with lights flashing was in hot pursuit.  Later, I heard there was a major accident 2 miles down the road.  The SUV hit two vehicles and took out a utility pole.  So they caught him, apparently a burglary suspect.  Whew!  That was a close one!  Thank you guardian angels.

4.  Wednesday I had Yayas, my women's group.  We are discussing a book on the Mass. We also discussed our lives.  And we discussed the new associate pastor who will be coming to our parish in a couple of weeks.  I am lectoring for one of the Masses where he will introduce himself.

5. Thursday I taught databases and research skills to seventh graders all day.  Then I had my afterschool book club.  Only 8 kids stayed, a manageable number.  But, it rained all day and felt like night as I drove home.

6. This school year is rushing by at record speed.  There is a half day today to mark the end of the trimester.  Then starting next week things rush toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hear that they are already having snow days in some places.  We haven't had a hard freeze yet. See?

7. I am headed up to see my mom this weekend.  I haven't been there since Labor Day.  It is about time I got up there before the weather turns to snow and I am afraid to go.


Rebecca said...

What book about the Mass did you discuss? (Just curious ;)).

I just downloaded Edward Sri's 'A Biblical Walk through the Mass' to my kindle, I'm hoping to get it started this weekend.

Mary said...

The Mass by Cardinal Donald Wuerl is the book we are reading at Yayas.