Sunday, November 13, 2011


Who would really want to celebrate 58?  The Korean War was just over when I was born.  Goodness that was a long, long time ago. I remember that war from MASH (the television show) only.  But I do remember cars that really seem old and the Purple People Eater song on the radio. (And in case you were wondering there were no seat belts in that car, but we did have a radio.)
I was a Baby Boomer.  All my classes in school were large.  It is a wonder we learned anything with classes of over 30 children.  Most of us behaved ourselves in those days. Teaching must have been an easy job is then.

I was the oldest of 4 children born within 5 years.  I was a "miracle" because my parents were told they couldn't have children after 5 years of marriage with no children appearing.  I always knew I was a miracle and that God really, really wanted me.

At one time I was brimming with confidence and joy.  Somewhere along the way life beat me down a little bit.  I can act confident, but sometimes I hurt inside.  I am often very unsure that anyone likes me or wants me around.  But, I still really know and feel God's love. I have a lot of hope and I can still find joy especially in the simple things.

This year one of my students found out when my birthday was and he has made the biggest deal about telling everyone and reminding me about it.  This is partly because his birthday is a few days before mine is, and maybe just part of who he is.  I have to laugh though, because everytime this boy came into the library and told me exactly how many days until my birthday, I couldn't help feeling like God was having a joke with me, telling me how much He wanted me.
And I try to keep in mind that all the rest of the current sorrows and life's little problems don't matter.  God really wanted me and planned for me from the beginning of time.


Judy said...

Happy Birthday!

mary333 said...

I loved this post, Mary. If only everyone understood God's love for them in this way. Happy Birthday!!

Mary said...

The way I figure it, this is the last birthday I will celebrate until I hit 80. 59 will be no fun, nor will 60 and on up. But, if I make it to 80, that will be something to celebrate.

mary333 said...

Lol! I'll try to keep that in mind for next year!