Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rosary

I have grown to love the Rosary.  I didn't grow up loving it.  I thought it was boring.  I thought only old people said it.  I couldn't see how God would want to listen to it.  So, unless I was saying the Rosary as part of a religion class or in sacramental preparation, I didn't pray the Rosary.

But, over the years in one way or another I acquired Rosaries.  I ended up with handsful of Rosaries, that I never prayed.  Then one day about twenty years ago, I was in a tough spot.  I was devastated.  But, I had to pick myself up and try to go on.  I decided that I would pray the Rosary or part of a Rosary because repeated prayer sounded pretty good and I thought, if anybody could understand my pain, it would be another woman, Mary.  I would give it a shot.

The Rosary changed my heart and mind.  It was nothing short of miraculous.  I was led out of that tough place and into a place of grace.  The only thing I "did" was pray the Rosary.  I didn't read any self help books (which I am wont to do). I didn't tell anyone my pain.  I didn't really do anything but pray that cycle of prayers that make up the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries through my pain.

The Rosary changed me. I have found that the Rosary is a prayer that I turn to in tough times.  It gets me through.  This month is dedicated to the Rosary, so I have been pulling out the beads and letting the mystery lead my through.


mary333 said...

This is a beautiful witness to the power of the Rosary, Mary. Thank you. I love the Rosary but didn't always pray it either. I started praying it regularly about 16 years ago and it became one of my favorite devotions. Before that, I would pray a decade once in a while but that was it.

Tami said...

That is how I came to love the Rosary. Probably not the same tough spot, but a difficult time when all I could do was recite Hail Marys. I was not raised Catholic, so I found a book explaining how to pray the Rosary. Interestingly enough, my children love this prayer. We say it on our way to their classes, and if the big kiddos don't lead loudly enough for Bubby to hear, he lets them know. He doesn't like getting "lost" as he calls it.

Keeping you in prayer this weekend.

noreen said...

Mary, I could have written your first paragraph because I felt the same way about the rosary as I was growing up! I feel completely different about it now!