Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Road to Nashville

Most of the time, I end up driving through Nashville, TN.  The drive through can be nerve wracking.  There are the traffic jams, the construction and the splits, most of all the splits.  This time as we went through Nashville,  the only thing we contended with was the splits.  And even those have improved over the years.  Or we have gotten smarter.
When the hill starts the descent, I know that we are headed into Nasheville.

The trees had barely started to turn a couple of weeks ago.

There was a little traffic headed into or around town.

I liked the Trinity Lane sign--Perhaps a good place to build a church?  The building that looks like Batman is AT&T.  One of the other ones in the capitol.  The rest have all grown up in the 30 something years I have traveled through Nashville.

This is one of the famous splits.  If traffic is heavy or stopped and you are in the wrong lane, those splits can be a nighmare.

South of Nashville is this odd tower.  It comes to a point at the bottom and the top.  It is not really leaning, just poor photography in a moving car.  But, I always wonder what this tower is and why they built it this way.  And so we leave Nashville, TN.


noreen said...

Hi Mary, your trip through Nashville looks fun. I was wondering about that batman looking tower myself. It certainly stands out above the rest!

That odd tower looks to be secured by ropes, right?

Mary said...

There are wires holding onto the weird tower.

We just drove through Nashville. I think in all the times I have ever been through there, I have only actually set foot on the ground once or twice and I have been going through Nashville for 32 years, so I am not sure if Nashville would be fun or not. The traffic sometimes is not. Usually I am driving.....