Monday, October 10, 2011

The People (Even Virtual People) Who God Puts In Your Life

Okay, so this past Saturday I announced the pruning of the blog roll.  It was Saturday and I have this theory that nobody reads on Saturday.  I used to do Boring Posts for Saturday to celebrate that fact.  Then a little group of people started reading the boring posts and thought they were funny and then there was a lot of pressure to try to be funny on Saturdays.  And I quit doing the Boring Posts because I couldn't handle the pressure.  Nobody pays me to do this blog, after all.

But, the people behind the blogs I took off the roll are some of my very favorite people.  I met them on their blogs.  They wrote about the kids and the weather and what crazy thing they did at Walmart involving a bag and a flying elephant.  They have given me virtual hugs and encouragement and one of them I have visited with a couple of times in real time.

I mentally think of flying to the Pacific Northwest next summer just to bring them a heat wave because it seems that happens whenever I go somewhere.  Or just getting in the car and driving to Oklahoma or maybe Minnesota (I know what that house looks like) or some small town in Wisconsin.  And I recently bought a book that gave directions for making aprons because a certain blogger got me interested in that a while back and I am slow on the uptick.  And I am determined to finish that sunny baby quilt for some body's first grand baby.  These virtual friends of mine I think of and pray for often.

And it wasn't like I was ditching them permanently.  I talk to them on Face book, daily, I just felt sorry for the blog roll with (3 months) under their blog titles and such.  Great blogs that have been left behind by life.  And that is okay.  I really think that is okay. Life in real time is way more important than a blog that nobody pays you to write.

So I put them back on the blog roll.  And I am sorry if I caused anyone to panic that all the thousands of readers from Hope Echoes would not be sent their way.  If they ever blog again.


mary333 said...

I never know what to do with my sidebar. It's unwieldy AND some of the people haven't posted in ages. I usually remove those who haven't posted in a year (except for a few) and then all of a sudden they decide to post again and I put them back up.

I have never had the chance to meet another blogger in real life...not many people live in Cow Hampshire and I don't travel a lot (can't really afford it) though we are going to Texas next year for a family gathering. I don't know very many bloggers who live in Texas though. I suppose I'll get to meet everyone in heaven someday :)

I hate when I feel pressure to blog. Truth is, sometimes I just don't have anything to say. I like to read the blogs of regular, everyday people like myself because I can much more relate to their lives than the lives of some of the celebrity? bloggers. One of the things that bothers me most about blogging is that (this is going to sound weird) some bloggers can be kind of "cliquey" and I am reminded of my high school years :) I hated that back then and hate it on Blogger now. It's not everyone, but it's not uncommon either.

Sorry about the long comment!

Tami said...

I think you should more than mentally fly to the PNW, I'd love to see you in real person.
It is a bit sad to have that under my poor Five Nomads, but one day I will find some time. . . .until then I'll just keep you up to date at FB.
By the way, thanks for the prayers and friendship. They are so appreciated.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

It does come off as clicky when people seem to know each other and I am sorry about that. The little group I called out here were all readers of Jodye at A Broader Mark who is a uniter of people. It is her gift. We were all reading and commenting early in our blogging life and we have become friends. Jodye and I have gotten to together twice, but then she is only one state over. You are welcome to join in the fun. (And just an aside, I haven't been able to comment on your blog lately.)

Tami, I would be on a plane tomorrow if I could. MIL is the same. Last stages of Alzheimers. Whatever that means.

mary333 said...

Oh my gosh, Mary! I didn't mean you! It didn't cross my mind that you would think I was speaking of you and your friends. You are not like that at all. I was referring to: if a person doesn't fit into a certain "spiritual category" it's almost as if some bloggers look down upon those who don't think like they do. I feel "judged" and found "wanting" sometimes - kind of like I felt in highschool because I didn't fit in all that well.
My fault, Mary, I was just rambling and should have been more careful about how I worded things. I'm sorry about that. This should teach me a lesson :)

Dawn Farias said...

WHAT???!?!!! I didn't know you were on Facebook.


Will you please send me a friend request? It is often that I have wished you were on FB since I have taken a large step back from keeping up on daily blog reading.

Mary said...

Dawn--Look for Marsidotes on FB. I figured you knew me since we comment on the same folks.

Dawn Farias said...

Yay! I just sent you a message and no, I didn't know you, LOL. I never, not even ONCE, made the connection!

Too bad cuz look at all this wasted time!