Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh, Man, Do I have Writer's Block

October.  Finally October.  I expected to have renewed energy by October.  I expected to be sailing along and happier.  I had expectations and hope.  But, I am still tired and busy and stressed. I feel as though an elephant is sitting upon my head.  Weighted down. Waiting.

But, the really good thing about being here in this overwhelmed and tired place is---I know that it can only get better.  That someday I will laugh again and the laughter will be sweeter for the times when I couldn't laugh. That renewed energy will come and I will find that joy and hope I seek, that I long for with my whole being.

Knowing that things will get better is the gift of age.  A gift from God.


Rebecca said...

Oh that weighted down feeling, you describe it so well. Prayers that it is over sooner rather than later.

mary333 said...

You are in my prayers, Mary. I'm in the same place :) It's funny, October is my favorite month of the year and usually I am quite chipper during the Fall. You are right though, it will pass. God bless.