Saturday, October 8, 2011

It Is Time to Let Go.

Sadly, some of my favorite bloggers have moved on.  Mainly to Facebook.  And life.  Their blogs seem to have run the course.  So, as I remove them from my blog roll, I will link to them here, so that if I ever want to find them again, I can.

Goodbye, Jodye, at A Broader Mark

Goodbye, Tami, at Five Nomads

Goodbye, Jody Blue, at Jody Blue.
Goodbye Dandelionmom, at the Flip Side of Dandelionend.
(I decided to keep MN, so I can check the weather.)
I am really going to miss you at the blogs.  I loved your blogs.  But, It is time to call it a day.

I have a flare for the dramatic.  And nothing else to say today.


Jody Blue said...

I'm still here!! Just have not made the time to blog, it is on my to do list...soon...I hope...

Tami said...

My children have been goading me to blog as well. Unfortunately, this home schooling gig is taking all my time. Know that I will be popping in to check on you in my spare moments. If I figure out how to more efficiently work through the High School, Middle School and Kindergarten lessons, you will be the first I notify. :) Wish me luck.