Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forest Park--A Walk in the Park

Sunday we went to Forest Park which is in the City.  It was the site of the 1904 World's Fair.  Today it is the home of the Zoo, the Science Center, the History Museum, the Muny, the Art Museum, a golf course and various other trails and activities including boat rentals.
 After the History Museum we walked past the tennis courts and past a field.  From the look of the players and the beer sponsor, I wondered if they were going to play soccer or rugby.  Turns out, it was some sort of soccer like game involving frisbees.
So I honed in on the flowers instead of the game before we crossed the bridge to go to the Boat House.

The Boat House has paddle boats and such that can be rented.  Refreshments are also available.

The sign said that the Boat House welcomed friendly dogs.  These fellows were friendly to people, but showed a decided anomosity to some Boat House residents.

These ducks were not worried by the dogs.

I do like birds.

But I didn't take a picture of every duck that paddled by.

Then we walked over to the Missouri Pavillion left from the World's Fair.

These days it is a shelter house with a cool fountain in front.  There was always a fountain, but this one was redone in 2004 for the hundredth anniversary of the Fair.  Everybody sing along--Meet me in St Luie, Louie, meet me at the fair....

And then we walked back to the car and drove home.


mary333 said...

These are great pictures, Mary! I wish that I took pictures this well!

noreen said...

Hi Mary,

What a gorgeous place! Your day looked picturesque and do tranquil. You must have enjoyed it!

Mary said...

It is all the camera.

Tami said...

How did I miss so much of St. Louis when we lived there? Must have been the toddler and being pregnant thing. I guess I need to come back and visit your beautiful city.