Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this meme.  Go around a visit the rest.

1. This was the week of Parent Teacher Conferences.  I usually do the Book Fair, but I couldn't get it at this time this year.  All part of God's plan.  As it turns out, I am attending the funeral of my mother in law and missing some of the conference time.

2. I have ended up with a cobbled together week of blogging because of everything going on.  I had such nice stories to tell, but they seem to be going by the wayside.

3. I bought a hubbard squash on the advice of a friend, and I have to agree that it is one of the tastiest kinds of squash.

4. At Mass last Sunday they welcomed the second graders preparing for First Holy Communion by giving them a cross to wear and have their parents trace the sign of the cross on their foreheads, like they do for RCIA candidates.  I really thought that was a great idea.  It is something that these kids will remember.

5. The Cardinals are in the World Series.  I hope that the fact that they captured Rally Squirrel and released him in a wildlife area won't adversely effect the outcome.  (Released squirrels make great hawk food.) 

6. I have a case of the creeping crud.  My ears and throat are draining and I am coughing and coughing.  I wonder if it is a computer virus.  I was reading several blogs lately where the bloggers had the same thing.

7. The ladies cancelled Yayas (my woman's book study/prayer group) because I couldn't come.  There were parent teacher conferences that night. As soon as I emailed that I couldn't come they cancelled it.  And somebody said something about the first game of the World Series.

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Tami said...

Thinking of you today, and hoping you are doing okay.

I love the idea for the children preparing for their First Holy Communion. I will be sharing with our catechist.