Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes

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1. At the new Cathedral on Lindell in St. Louis there are mosaics.  I mean the place is covered in mosaics. I never knew I loved mosaics so much until I visited the Cathedral Basilica.  My very favorite is this one of the Sacred Heart.  This picture does not do the mosaic justice.  Remind yourself--this is a mosaic, little pieces of glass, not a painting.
2. Saturday we received word that my mother in law is not doing well.  She has had Alzheimer's for many years and is in the last stages.  It is a cruel disease.

3. Once again, I seriously need a haircut.  I lost my hairdresser's card.  I may have to go over there and ask for another one.  Someday, maybe I will become a grown up in these matters, but apparently that day has not come yet.

4. I have replaced the fridge, the garbage disposal and the dishwasher in my kitchen within the past year.  Now I really really really want to get a stove in black to match the rest of it. (Don't read this, honey.)

5. The avocado experiment went moldy.  I threw it away.  It was a pit-y.  I will try again in the spring.  Fall is not a good time to plant one's seeds. I was trying to think of a parable analogy, but sometimes, rotten seeds are just rotten seeds.  The pit did begin to grow because it started to split.  I am not sure what happened.  It was too moldy and smelly to do an autopsy.

6. Our phone bill suddenly jumped $20 a month.  No additional services, just more money.  We may be joining the legions of people who don't have house phones anymore.  Usually things creep up a dollar or two at a time, not some huge jump.

7. Next week are parent teacher conferences.  Book Fair is already done. Yay!

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mary333 said...

The mosaic is beautiful, Mary. I thought it was a painting before I read your post because it's so detailed. Amazing what can be done with bits of glass!

I guess Michaela and I won't try the avocado experiment after all. (Not that anything she plants ever grows. It's weird, she definitely doesn't have a green thumb.)

I don't blame you for really, really, really wanting a black stove to match the rest. Men don't care about matching but women sure do!

Praying for your mil!