Friday, October 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this meme.  Go around and visit the rest.

1.  Last weekend was lovely.  Hubby and I spent Friday night and Saturday at the Renewal Conference.  The theme was Holy Boldness.  Perhaps one of my favorite experiences happened at the very beginning.  We got there early and I went looking of the restrooms before the evening got started.  On the way to the rest rooms, I passed through the cafeteria where all the displays were.  Just as I entered, a nun ran up to me and hugged me as though I were her very best friend that she hadn't seen in a long time.  I thought she mistook me for someone else.  Turns out, Sister Diane had come from Rome via Canada and had all kinds of things blessed by the Pope.  She gave me a rosary ring.  Sister Diane was in her 80s and had a stroke, so she didn't speak clearly.  But, she knew how to make me feel loved.

2. Saturday we stayed for the Mass. My favorite Bishop was there.  I even received Communion from him.  And I am asking myself, should I feel happy that I got to receive Communion from my favorite Bishop, or is that an unworthy thought, that I should rid myself of?

3. Saturday evening hubby and I were really hungry.  We decided to go out for steak.  Yes, there was us and the rest of the world out for steak.  The wait to be seated was at least an hour and that was at 7pm.  So, we decided that we were really being called to BBQ and we were, Bandannas was great and we were hungry.

4. Sunday, we went to Forest Park and saw a bit of the History Museum and walked around.  As I wrote about all of it, I thought St. Louis really needs to sell the naming rights for these places.  Seriously, we have The Zoo, The Science Center, The History Museum, The Art Museum.  We need better names for these places.

5. I had my Yaya woman's group on Wednesday.  We have begun a book on The Mass.  It is interesting.  We really be prepared for the changes in the Mass by the time we are done.

6. The librarians met on Thursday after school. We are a wild bunch.  All that talk about the Dewey Decimal System and book fines (and if you think that's what we are talking about, you need to think again.). But at the end we did put someone in charge of making up some gossip because nobody had any juicy stuff that they were telling.

7. I am looking forward to an ordinary weekend as we clearly move into autumn.

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