Tuesday, September 20, 2011

St Genevieve, Part I

On a beautiful Sunday late in August my hubby and I took the 100 mile drive to St Genevieve, MO.  It is the oldest town in Missouri.  We had never been there before. I had never been that far south on the eastern side of Missouri.

It wasn't very busy at St. Gen that Sunday.  We got there kind of late and didn't do anything except take a walk and eat some ice cream.  But I took pictures. So, I have to share.  And I won't even take 17 parts to do it.
On the way into town we were stopped by a train.  But, see the church ahead?  That is St. Genevieve's Catholic Church.

We walked toward downtown.  There were no crowds. None.
At the end of the main street was the flood marker.  St. Gen is on the Mississippi.

We walked the loop past this traders house.

A little ways up the street were a line of old cars.  I wondered where the speakeasy was.

This marker was before the church

This is the church with a museum in front of it.

I liked the cross.

And as I photographed the cross, a hawk fly by.  It was hard to get the picture, it was so high.
With that I will end today and finish tomorrow. 

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Judy said...

Love it. Especially the hawk.