Thursday, September 29, 2011

Souix Passage Park

In north St Louis County there is a park along the Missouri River called Souix Passage.  It is somewhere near the place where Lewis and Clark crossed the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers at the beginning of their epic journey.
It probably didn't look too different back when Lewis and Clark were paddling the canoes up the Missouri River.  This is almost at the mouth where it joins the Mississippi, the confluence.

A dandelion was blooming in the rocks.

The other bank looked pretty far.  We didn't see any animals or birds there.

Ice daisies were blooming.

Some lady with unfortunate blends of purple.

It was a quiet scene.

There were rocks in the water to slow the erosion.  The waters were high this spring.  All of this was completely under water in 1993.

Leaves of three, let it be--poison ivy.

Queen Anne's lace regally blooming in the rocks on the bank.

The point is Pelican Island.  It was a peaceful and beautiful Sunday.


Jody Blue said...

I love pretty much any thing to do with L&C, I even have the dairies on cd. Thanks for sharing, another fun place to put on my list of"fun things to do".

Jody Blue said...

Oops diary...not dairy, too much ice cream does that to me I just can't seem to get dairy out of my mind;)

Judy said...

Every picture is beautiful!

Tami said...

What is it about the sight of water that calms the soul? I want to just have a seat at the edge of that river, and just sit and be for a few moments.

mary333 said...

These are great pictures, Mary! I have no idea if this comment will go through or not - my last one disappeared into thin air! What's with Blogger and commenting lately I wonder?