Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Fridge Went Out the Other Day

Last Saturday evening hubby and I went for a really long walk.  We arrived home after 9pm, tired and thirsty.  I opened the fridge for ice cubes.  Water.  They were water.  The freezer wasn't working.  Opening the fridge side, it clearly wasn't working either.  Heating up, things were.  I had just gotten groceries for the week that day.

Tragedy?  Not quite.  Inconvenience?  Certainly.  Pain in the neck?  Most definitely.  We tried looking up on the Internet and vacuuming some things, but it became apparent that the compressor wasn't working.  Without that, a fridge isn't worth much.

And although I really don't shop on Sundays for the most part, Sunday morning (hubby and I had been to Saturday evening Mass) we went out for breakfast and then to buy a fridge.  It was delivered Monday afternoon. (The old one was Ken and the new one is Frida, if you want to know.)

From this little adventure I was brought to consider the wealth I have that I can have my own refrigerator, a luxury most of the world is denied.  I have the credit cards or the money and the available stores to just go order one. I had the privilege of eating out at all the meals like being on vacation or being rich people during our little fridge absence.  I had a problem to solve and I was able to solve it.  I neither believe that I merit these blessings or deserve them.  They are gift.  I can ponder why, but it doesn't get me too far.  But, I can thank God for the many gifts I have been given.


Tami said...

Great post Mary. I think sometimes I am so used to my immense blessings, that when they aren't laid out just so, I can be a whiner. That is where I found myself last week. Maybe not full whining, but not the joyful person I should be.

mary333 said...

Lol! Yes, I DID want to know their names! Thank you :)

We lost our fridge last month. Like you we tried vacuuming and fiddling around with it but nothing worked so we had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, our car went the same month :( Ouch! Cars are expensive! But I'm glad to have it.

Anne said...

Our fridge is on the brink of destruction as well-any day now and we'll have to start shopping. Like you, I realize how blessed we are to have one at all not even considering all of the food that it usually contains for our hungry but not starving stomachs. Thanks for the reminder!

Mary said...

It is funny because I wrote this thinking it was a filler that nobody would be interested in, and here are three good comments. Friday my hubby had a flat tire and had to buy two tires, so it wasn't a welcome time to get the fridge. But,I am truly blessed even in my problems.

noreen said...

Hi Mary,

It is humbling to think how blessed we are as a nation compared to the many who go without the basic necessities of life. I agree, we must be grateful for the gifts from above!