Saturday, September 10, 2011

Notes for a Someday Grandchild

Who knows if I will ever have a grandchild?  God does.  But, at the rate things are going, I will probably be really really old before such a thing would happen.  And I think it would be a shame if I could never pass on who I am to subject named grandchild.  I am leaving some notes here, because they say things will be around the World Wide Web forever.

I was a dearly loved baby and a very responsible child.  I was somewhat insecure about how I looked, but I knew that I had a special place in God's heart.  I became a good student after I figured out how to be.  I read a lot.  A lot. My favorite book when I was a kid was Big Red.  I always, my whole life, wanted a dog at the times I didn't have one.  I had a few--Lucky a beagle-terrier, Windy a minature black poodle, Amy the same, and Sheba, a wild dog.

I was good at math but I hated it.  Writing was hard, but I loved it.  I double majored in college in el ed and library science. I went to Illinois State, a very easy university in those days.  I never really fit in anywhere except with Christians, mostly fundamentalists who could tolerate Catholics.  Because I never wanted to be anything but Catholic, but I loved to be with people who memorized scripture and dedicated their lives to the Lord.  Until I met the Charismatic Catholics I never fit in.  These days the Conservative Catholics would fit okay with me, only I am more tolerant than some of them and I don't hold a deep fondness for the Latin Mass.

Having a baby was the best most blessed thing that ever happened to me.  I got into La Leche League and was a leader for a long time.  I love everything about babies.  I made baby quilts long after I quit having friends having babies. I love my son.  He is the best person I have ever known.

I was a teacher most of my career, except when I was a librarian.  I love teaching.  I love the act of figuring out how to teach something.  By the end of my career teaching changed and I didn't like it so much anymore the way they were making teacher do it, it wasn't fun to me.

I love to travel.  Going places energizes and refreshes me.  I love to see new things.  I love to be places, to know places. And that is probably enough about me for now.

(It is Saturday,  a boring post.....)


mary333 said...

No, Mary, this post was not boring at all. I enjoy reading posts like these because they make those I have met only online so much more real to me. I knew you love books, have a great sense of humor, and like to cut your own hair and stuff like that but this post tells us a lot more about you. I hope you DO have a grandchild some day and that she gets to read these words you have on your blog.

As for Charismatics - they are usually the most loving, least judgmental people I know. I do love Latin and this is because our former pastor loved Latin and this love of the TLM got passed through him to many of his parishioners. Even in the New Mass we were always chanting the Kyrie, Gloria, and Sanctus in Latin. Before he became a priest he was a Latin teacher at our highschool (many, many years ago)and his love of Latin was obvious, even during his homilies he would make quotes in Latin! We'll miss him.

My problem with some advocates of the Latin Mass is their ill treatment toward those of us who love Jesus in all Masses. And I hate the prejudice against Charismatics in the blogosphere. It makes me ill.

mary333 said...

She or he I meant (your future grandchild)!