Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was thinking about labels the other day when the special class came down to the library.  In education we use a lot of labels.  Autistic, Downs, ADD, Anxiety disorder, and so on.  If it can be labeled, then a program can be made for that child.  The labels are supposed to indicate understanding and lay a course of action.  But, in reality, children defy the labels and don't "do" exactly what their label would tend to say they would.

People are people and each person is unique.  Each person carries their own set of experiences and expectations.  Each person is special in their own way.  Each of us has struggles.  Each of us triumphs over adversity sometimes. Each of us has failures and heartaches.  Each of us has unrecognized gifts and talents.  Each of us is gifted with a soul and a mission in life.  If we only all realized that we are on a journey to Heaven.

Perhaps labels are useful, perhaps they are not. Saint, that is the label I am aiming for.  Saint in training.


Tami said...

That is exactly it Mary. Sometimes I wonder if we might have better off before all of our labels.

noreen said...

Me too Mary! That is the only one that really matters. Labels tend to categorize and marginalize a group of people to fit "in a nice tidy box." They can and do defy the labels, don't they!