Monday, September 26, 2011


My brothers call me from cemeteries.  They can't find the family graves.  I can.  But sometimes I am in St. Louis and they are 100 miles away, not finding the graves.  So this is of no interest to most of you, but family--this is how to find the graves.

The cemetery is on 18th street, north.  Go in the south entrance and drive around the loop to the north side and park by the fireman's hat.
See the fireman's hat on that grave?

From there I walked over to the grave of my father and took a picture looking east.  Dad's Uncle Ed is up there along with Aunt Clara.

Little Anthony's angel is a couple of rows in front of Dad's grave.

If you stand by the angel, you can find Dad's grave.

This is looking back at my car which is parked by the fireman's hat.  To find the grandparents, start at the angel and go straight west. And the great grands are beside them.  Lots of my family is there in that peaceful place.


Dawn Farias said...

I do not know how to get to my mother's grave. She is buried in Houston, a city I haven't lived in since she died when I was 10. Her mother, still alive, no longer lives there. I don't know who I would call if I was ever down there again looking for her grave.

Mary said...

Dawn, the cemetery keeps those records. Call or write to them and ask for aa map of the cemetery with your mother's grave marked and do it now before you need it.