Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DC Trip, The End

After all of this, you don't think I would spare the airplane photos, do you?

So, bro in law told us that getting a taxi to take us to the airport would be a snap. It wasn't.  But, the traffic wasn't bad and we weren't far.  So we made it to Reagan in plenty of time.  Security was no lines, no waiting.  The budget hadn't been passed yet so all the Congresspeople and their aides weren't on the fast plane out of town.
So this is the airport from the plane.  I had the window seat this time.

We took off past the monuments.  No earthquake cracks yet.  No hurricane yet.  exciting things were yet to come.
This is probably somewhere in VA, maybe even Arlington where we stayed.  I don't know DC well enough to know for sure.

And before we knew it the plane was descending.  I could see the lock and canal on the Mississippi River near Granite City, IL.

We went over the airport to approach from the other side.  My house is somewhere up top of the picture.  We hear the planes when they use the short runaway in bad weather.

Then we were approaching from the west.  This is the Mills Mall.

This is another middle school in my school district.  It is built on the same plan as is mine.

And LASTLY--this is the road I drive past the airport every morning to school.  So we were home.

I had a great trip.  A really great trip. The pictures just don't show the every minute fun, even when my feet hurt and it was hot.  I am a person who is energized by travel.

I didn't get to see the Shrine in DC.  It had been on my list, but it just wasn't possible on this trip.  I was struck by all the monuments and very little acknowledgement to God at our nation's capital.  In God we may trust, but he isn't present with us at the national mall.  I prayed a lot while I was there.  They can't stop that.

Seeing family and being with them for a while was really good.  I need my family in my life. 

But, tomorrow I will have to blog about somethign else.  Because the trip is DONE!


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Tami said...

Except for traffic sometimes, flying out of National is a breeze. We always used that airport because it was so easy. Did you happen to look across the river while you were taxiing? Did you see the AFB? Well, that was where we lived when we were in DC. While I enjoyed it convenience, I can to really dislike the constant jet noise.
As for God, if you go on the docent tours in DC He is hidden in the architecture. People just like to forget how much they relied on Him when they built this country. We'd like to think we were so great, we did it all ourselves.
Yes, you must go back for the Shrine. If you enjoyed the National Cathedral, you will flip for the Shrine. I believe I have a post in my archives from there.
Welcome home, I'm glad you didn't get stuck in DC.