Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have good health insurance.  Recently I had blood tests and I didn't have to pay anything.  But, my insurance company sent me a statement to show me how much they saved me.  The blood tests were billed at $196.  That is what I would pay if I had no insurance.  Pretty pricey if you ask me.  If I didn't have insurance I might have to ask whether I really needed those tests every year.

But my insurance company is looking out for me.  They paid only $17.17 for those $196 tests.  I paid nothing.  I should be dancing around and celebrating my good deal.  But I have to ask myself, if the tests could be done for $17.17, why do people without insurance have to pay almost $200 for them?

I am not smart enought to answer this question.


Judy said...

I've wondered about this for years.
My husband's pat answer for all of my questions like this is always "because of sin".

Tami said...

I was hoping someone would be able to chime in. Is this your insurance through work? I'm just curious how the military health care works once you are retired. We are getting close. . . .