Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DC, Part the Sixth

Still Wednesday, my dears, but the day was far from over.  My sister and I had this day planned out like General Washington during the War.  After viewing his house and NOT being invited to stay, we headed back to the Metro to go back into the city.

We had plans to go to the free concert at the Kennedy Center.
To get to the Kennedy Center is easy from the Metro.  There is a free shuttle bus from the closest Metro stop.  My sister and I got there early enough to watch the boaters on the Potomac.

The Hall of Nations is huge.  Flags fly from every nation that the US has diplomatic relations with.

The bust of Kennedy is huge, and made of bronze.  The Kennedy Center is the only monument to Kennedy in DC.  There were plans to build a world class entertainment center on 17 acres.
We got there in time to take a tour.  This is the concert hall.  The largest venue.

Box seats line the walls.

The center box seats are always reserved for the president.  The president gives them away usually.
When, on rare occasion, the president comes to a performance, this is one of his waiting rooms.
There were many fancy ceiling lights.  Most were donated from other countries in honor of John Kennedy.

Some of the artwaork and recetion lounges were also donated.  We toured a couple of those.  I loved the one from Israel.

The ceiling mural was all Old Testament (Torah) scenes.

I was going to remember what they were and blog about them, but I don't remember.

And was the dancing boy David?  I don't remember.

I do remember that this carved wall portrayed all the instruments mentioned in the Old Testament.

And the center of it was a quote from Psalms.

Sadly, I realized that I had not finished this post only at the end of the day.  Busy days, these.

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Tami said...

The art work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.