Thursday, July 1, 2010

StayCation--Our Lady of Snows Shrine

I have been kind of busy of late, but I didn't know what else to blog about didn't want to deprive you of your staycation fix.  So, I am going to revisit Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL.  Well, I am not really visiting there again just now.  I am using old pictures to tell a new story.

Our Lady of Snows is a shrine with acreage over on the other side of the Mississippi River in Illinois.  It has this copy of the Lourdes Shrine.
It has a really cool play ground that included such things as this sculpture of God's hands.

 This was a pool with bells.  There were three for the Trinity.

 This is the peace spire.  It is really huge.  If you went to the right of this statue you would find the outdoor stations of the cross.
This is the out door chapel where events such as the youth rally are held.

Snows is run by the Missionary Oblates.  Our Lady of the Snows refers to Mary as imagined as an Eskimo woman in Alaska.  I have this statue in my garden.  The Oblates advertise often in Catholic publications offering rosaries for donations.

Our Lady of Snows has a nice little motel with a wonderful restaurant.  There is an extensive gift shop.  During the Christmas/Advent seasons there is a beautiful light display at the Shrine.  Often they have a stable with real animals.  The Shrine is a very family friendly destination because of the outdoor space to run, the playground, and the reasonable restaurant.  Retreats and seminars are offered at the Shrine.  It is a site for Marriage Encounter and someday my hubby and I are going there for that.  I went to a retreat last summer at the Shrine.


abroadermark said...

God has such nice, manly hands, doesn't He? :)

Tami said...

When we were stationed at Scott we enjoyed the beautiful lights at the Shrine. I'm not sure why we didn't tour the rest of the place. I guess I just need to visit sometime. You are coming up with so many fun things to do in the Lou!