Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rally Round the Weekend

On Friday I got a call from a lady working on a loan for us.  She said the only hold up is that my school district will not confirm my employment with them.  So I called HR and they confirmed that I work for them, so I don't know what is going on, but I hope they get it worked out soon. I thought perhaps I had retired and didn't know about it.

Also on Friday I made a break through in physical therapy in that Sara found a spot that had hurt since the beginning of June and rubbed it out.  It feels so much better.  If only I could have Sara rub it everyday until it gets all

Saturday was the the feast day of St Thomas.  It is one of my favorite saint's days. Went to Mass with my hubby in the morning to pray for our son. Spent most of the day doing laundry and cleaning out the junk room.  It is amazing what I know I can live without when I think about packing it up and moving it somewhere else. 

We don't really have plans for the 4th.  We can see bits of fireworks over the trees and we may settle for that tonight.  We are the most boring people, but we hate to be out driving among the crazy people on a holiday like this one. I recall once that we flew over the country on the Fourth of July, probably going back to Hawaii.  It was so different to see fireworks from above in the communities we flew over.  It felt as though we were looking in on other people's lives from a distance which we were.  But this holiday I will keep my feet firmly on the ground.

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