Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boring Posts for Saturday--PT Edition

It's Saturday, time for a Boring Post.  And Seriously, this is a holiday weekend, who is going to read it?
Here's mine--

I injured my back on my first staycation of the summer--the Vatican Splendors exhibit at the History Museum. I did my shoulders and neck/ back in.  Largely caused by years of bad posture, the only correction was physical therapy.  I have spent way too much time discussing physical therapy on the blog this summer.  So why not more for Saturday?  The perfect subject for a Boring Post.
 I am halfway through therapy as of Friday.  The exercise that I do to check my progress is the one above that I call--Walk Like a Egyptian or YMCA, depending on my musical mood.  (And don't I look skinny in that drawing?  Dream on, if you think there is any way I will try to film myself doing this.)
This is the boring sheet with the rest of the exercises.  I like that the drawings aren't of skinny young models.

This is the band I use to do the resistance exercises.  Isn't it fashionable? LOL

I am halfway through physical therapy and Friday the therapist Sara addressed the pain in the back of my shoulder.  She rubbed it until it was about to explode and then iced it down.  I was told in the first session that there was a machine that would help stretch my neck.  So far I haven't met that machine yet. I am not disappointed. I have met a machine that is like pedaling a bike with my arms.  I am not a fan. 

But overall I have to say that PT was worth the time and money and better than sitting home in pain all summer.  And better than all the good drugs that don't seem to really work anymore.  My advice is--keep those shoulders strong, ladies, and don't carry heavy stuff on them.  When it catches up with you it does so with a vengeance. So Walk Like an Egyptian.


DandelionMom said...

OOOOHHH!!! knees BENT! That makes it harder. LOL We couldn't figure out why it was work. :D We were also trying to do straight arms at right angles to body-felt more like dusting the wall than anything else.

Why not carry MORE heavy stuff to build strength?

Yeah-I have plans today but this seems better than packing the car.

Dawn by Design said...

I'm glad the physical therapy is working for you. Like you said - better than meds, but maybe not better than prevention?? We know how much of an ounce of that costs. Ha!

Mary said...

I remember the Navy band came and played "Walk Like an Egyptian" to the school where I was teaching second grade and my kiddo who just turned 30 was in first grade. If the Navy band was playing it, it had to have been out for a while. So that is where it fits into my time frame of things.

But what I remembered about that was that all the kids at school danced around doing weird movements with their heads and arms and that is what it seems I am doing with the therapy

Mary said...

I'll ask the therapist about carrying heavy stuff, but I think I know the answer. I could probably carry it for 30 seconds and then rest. Like I do the exercises.