Friday, July 2, 2010

7 Quick Takes, Vol 73

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme.

Here's mine--
 First Look--
One thing leads to another.  I am going for physical therapy for my back/ neck pain.  It hasn't been too bad so far.  But it became apparent after the second session that a twenty dollar co-pay for 12 sessions is going to add up.  Being the spouse of a retired military man, I am eligible for Tri-care, but I don't bother because I usually don't use enough health care to make it worth while.  But now it is.  So I spent Monday morning calling between DEERS about Tricare and the medical facility each of which told me that I didn't have the information I needed or that I did have the information.  I called each place and sat on hold, back and forth like a tennis match.  Finally I talked to Jim, and bless Jim, he knew all about Tricare and how it should be billed.  And told me and gave me his direct office number so if I had any trouble I could call him.  Bless Jim.  Otherwise I would still be calling back and forth between DEERS and the medical facility.

Second Look--
On Sunday hubby and I were standing on the front porch watching a storm roll in. There were several wind bursts.  Suddenly a whole half of a tree at a neighbor's house down the street cracked off and covered their front yard.  Instead of running for the basement or at least inside, I found myself wishing I had had my camera to record the event for the blog.  Ahhh, living life through the eyes of a blogger. lol

Third Look--
This week was punctuated by meetings for back to school.  Committees I am on and budgeting and those pesky periodicals that I have spent so much time trying to order.  August will be here before I know it. Traditionally September is back to school, but around here it is the beginning of August.

Fourth Look--
I realized what a lazy blogger I have become on Tuesday when I didn't have Wednesday's post done because it would require some reading and study and I didn't have Thursday's post done because it would require downloading some pictures from my camera, but I have two weeks of Boring Posts and Tuesday Treasures done because all I have to do is talk about things that are already in my head.  Maybe I need easier features on this blog.

Fifth Look---
You know how the shoemaker's kids go barefoot and the teacher's kids go untaught?  Well, this isn't about kids, but a similar analogy.  We needed to fax a bunch of stuff on Tuesday.  We have not one but, two copiers/printers at our house that could serve as fax machines.  My hubby is a computer network specialist and does things like make faxes work at his job.  But, do our fax machines work?  Oh no, I had to go begging for a fax machine to send the fax messages that I needed to on Tuesday.

Sixth Look--
One of the exercises I do for physical therapy I call "Walk Like an Egyptian." (Are you old enough to remember that song?) I flatten my back against the wall leaning on the wall.  As much as I can I touch my head, my back, my elbows, wrists and shoulders against the wall with my hand up like a "Y". Then I make them come down at right angles all the while touching the wall with all those parts.  Try it, if you can do it keep it up every day and you won't end up a round shouldered old woman.  Or in physical therapy.

Seventh Look--
I had two meetings as school this week and I got my magazines ordered.  They were due July 1st and that was the day I did them.  Under the wire.


DandelionMom said...

So glad you did not have to take a picture of a tree coming at your new fence!

Creed needs new sandals if she's going to walk like an Egyptian--which I will be humming all day thankyouverymuch! That is an excersize that needs to be SEEN to be understood--video please! (and hurry my shoulders are getting rounder as we speak-you have seen my purse!)

Mary said...

I could have said "YMCA" which is the other song I sing when I do this exercise. LOL

DandelionMom said...

AAACK! must hum something else...anything else...

you OWE me a video!

Mary said...

My dear, I have no idea how to do a video. So I can owe you one forever and it just isn't happening.

Dawn by Design said...

I remember that song! It is part of the soundtrack of my pre-teen years.