Monday, June 14, 2010

Whinging Over, I Hope

Went to the doctor this afternoon.  She diagnosed a pinched nerve in my neck. (I think I knew that.)  But the good news is--she gave me some good drugs.  I don't hurt much since I took one little white pill, only a tiny teeny bit of pain.  Oh, how I love the good drugs.  I am also being referred for physical therapy. We shall see if I love that so much.

Since I have spent the last week counting up how long until I could take Aleve again, I feel liberated. Free. 

So maybe tomorrow I will feel like blogging about something besides the pain, oh the pain.  Maybe I will even go on a little StayCation.  When I am not on drugs. Because I am not supposed to drive while on these drugs.  But I think I am okay for blogging.  If I start emotional streaking, pull the plug. But I am sure that there are some blogs that need my commenting.

The kid is back.  I'm just saying.  (From the number of hits I have had lately, I doubt that many of you have noticed my absence.  But I'm back. So look out internets!)


abroadermark said...

I noticed your absence - even though I was absent too. I'm glad you're back, but more glad that you finally got yourself some good drugs! You're right though - you want to be careful about blogging under the influence. Blogging and drug induced (low inhibition can be a VERY dangerous combination. Come to think of it, there really should be a warning about that on the medicine bottle: Use caution when blogging while using this medication. :D

Tami said...

Welcome back. I think we've all been busy, so it has been quiet on many fronts. Mary, if we noticee you running around bloggy world in your skivies, we'll cover for you.

I'm glad you are feeling better. How crazy to hurt so badly from carrying your purse on your shoulder one afternoon.

Mary said...

I am almost out of scheduled posts! Yikes. I think tomorrow is that last one. I did a little staycation that I hope I can pull together for Thursday. 7QTs I can wing, but a Boring Post? I might have to clean something. Sunday prayers are easy. Recap is optional. But then there is next week. And the week after that. I have a physical therapy appointment next Tuesday. I will take a camera and that ought to give me something. Sigh. I am so far behind on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back too!! All your scheduled posts make it hard to notice except by the lack of comments. Your very blog goes on without you. "behind on the blog"??? You demand so much of yourself Mary! relax! Take a chill pill--oh WAIT-you already DID! :P

abroadermark said...

Teehee...DMom said, "Take a chill pill - oh WAIT - you already DID!" That's funneeee!!

Oh my goodness - my veri word is hater. Why did I get THAT one? I wonder.

Mary said...

I don't customize my veri words like SOME PEOPLE do. So hater was just random.

I pulled together a Staycation. I need to do something for 7QTs and I wrote a boring post that I probably should not post. So I'm thinking on that one. It was a bit of emotional streaking induced by the drugs. Yes, that's what it was, I will blame the drugs. LOL

Mary333 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your neck, Mary. This has happened to my husband and he says it's quite painful. Aleve is junk he says :)

I'll pray that you heal quickly.