Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Can it really be Tuesday again?
Yes, it is Tuesday.  If you want to play along, do.
I have somehow become the family historian.  One of the perks of this is all the old pictures that I have.  These are my grandpa Clarence.  He was in the army during WWI.  He didn't go overseas. He took care of men with the Spanish influenza in the army.  Later he became a farmer.  All my old pictures are my treasures.


abroadermark said...

I was thinking about it the other day - trying to identify exactly what my worldly treasures would be - and I finally decided that, other than my family, which goes without saying, my pictures (old and new) are one of my greatest treasures. I'm evidently not the family historian, because someone else has the really old pictures, but if they ever end up in my possession I will definitely treasure them. Might even do a blog on for your Tuesday Treasures!

Mary said...

ABM, I guarnatee that you have treasures. And certainly your family members. But don't you have a few things that make you laugh or remember or think of good times? I seem to remember a polka dot baby quilt that you showed us once. Treasures don't have to be valuable in monetary terms. And they can be silly or funny or even belong to somebody else that you look forward to seeing when you go there. I bet your grandma has a treasure or two. but if you don't want to play, that's okay too. I am getting tired of the treasure thing myself, I'm just too lazy to move on to something else.

Mary said...

I really should read over my comments before I publish them. I will blame the drugs.

Anonymous said...

I like Clarence. I love old pictures-I have a few myself that I treasure. I also like to leaf through them when I am feeling weird and say things like "nice pants" or when I am feeling historical and say things like "he was a circut-riding preacher and wore a gun in the pulpit"--mousy me agin--D'Mom