Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Treasures--Malia

It is Tuesday again.  Since I can't think of anything to put here that would delight and excite me more, I will once again try a Tuesday Treasure.  And apologize to those of you who are getting bored with this series.  I just haven't been very blogative lately and treasures are an easy thing to do.

So with that fantastic introduction, here's mine---

This is my Hawaiian doll.  She was probably made in China, but I bought her in Hawaii as a remembrance.  She is wearing a muumuu, which is something I wore also as a preschool teacher on the island of Oahu for four years.  I never really thought about it until I started the Tuesday Treasures thing, but it looks like I collect dolls.  She sits in the china cabinet as though she were valuable, but I will tell you a little secret, if I have a grand-daughter someday, this little doll will be played with.  That is what dolls are for after all.  (And also because this is important for little girls to check whenever they see dolls like this--she is wearing undergarments, but I won't show you, it isn't that kind of blog.)


Jody Blue said...

Ha I always check also!! She does looks like she wants to be be hung by the arm on the way to a sand box. You really have had some fun adventures.

abroadermark said...

Remember that anatomically correct doll, Joey, back in the seventies? I think he was supposed to be Gloria and "Meathead's" (Archie Bunker's daughter and son-in-law) baby. Talk about wanting to see what was under a doll's clothes! My sister and I actually opened a baby Joey box at the store to have a peek at his ummm..."stuff." Teehee... What can I say? We didn't have any brothers, and inquiring minds want to know. :D

Tami said...

ABM, You are a riot. I do agree about the inquiring minds. Having boys and a girl, there is no "wondering". My biggest phase of watching out for "doctor games" was a friend with only boys. The oldest was very curious about our Princess.

I do enjoy your dolls and the stories behind them. One day some little girl will have a ball at your house playing and enjoying the treasures you have collected along the way.