Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Treasures--Japanese Bowls

It's Tuesday.  Time for some treasures.  Show 'em and pack 'em up is my motto lately.

I may have mentioned we lived in Okinawa, Japan in the early 1980s. Our house was inside a base that had a back gate the led to the main shopping district of Futema. There was a warren of restaurants, grocery and greengrocer shops, fabric stores, hardware stores, and household goods.  One of my favorite places sold teapots, dishes and anything ceramic.  I got my still favorite teapot there.  I would have bought the entire store if I had had the money and the room to store everything.  I was fascinated by the weird sushi dishes and various sizes of tea cups and teapots.

One thing that I bought were these bowls.  I would imagine that they were intended as soup bowls.  I bought them for a Japanese dish that I know how to make called katsudon.  It is a pork casserole.  Each person is served the casserole in it's own bowl and the sauce is poured over it.  I don't make katsudon very often, but when I do, I always use these little bowls to serve it.


DandelionMom said...

VERY cool! I want to make katsudan and have pretty fancy bowls and an exotic past too.

Mary said...

I will do a cooking post on katsudon one of these days. I bet bowls like this wouldn't be hard to find. And as for exotic, it is funny how some things in life that were just plain hard to live through come out looking exotic and fun in the haze of memory. You have your own exotic history, each of us does.

DandelionMom said...

Yeah, life is funny like that. It seems after a certain age everyone either remembers things in a very golden, beautiful light or a very dark one. I like that my memories are still of both types-It makes the real beauties shine all the more.