Monday, June 14, 2010

The Secular Christian Life

I am a lay person.  I have taken marriage vows that are between God and my spouse and myself.  But I have not vowed to be poor, or to spend each day in certain devotions, or to follow the commands of my religious superior.  I am a lay person.

As a lay person I can own property, plan my own time, and agree with my husband about the amount of time and money we give to the church, the poor, and the needy of this world.  We listen to the call of God in that.  I go for spiritual direction to help me to make those decisions.  I do prayer and spiritual reading to help me make those decisions.  I use the discernment that God gave me to help with all of that.

I make mistakes, and I sin.  Sometimes I keep too much for me, neglect my daily prayers, don't spread the love around as much as I am called to do. I am a sinner, even though I would like not to be one.  I am human.

I am a secular Christian, a lay person.  I have discovered there is release and joy in detaching from the things of this world, from developing a closer relationship with God.  But, giving is different than someone taking, and offering is different than being forced to give. I am a secular Christian.  I owe God everything. I owe nothing to this world.


Tami said...

Well stated Mary.

What I cannot figure out for the life of me is this: When I do pray more, and give more I feel so good. So why does that not become second nature? How is it that prayer time so easily gets shifted to the side?

You always make me think, and try to be better. Seriously, would I walk by a piece of chocolate cake if I knew it would make me lose weight? No, I'd make time for it. Yet, I don't make prayer time with God a top priority, and He is the one who gives me peace and happiness. I am so like the Isrealites sometimes! Whine and complain, repent, blessings, whine and complain. . .

Mary said...

Glad that you enjoyed it Tami. I always think I am talking to myself when I do a post like that. I needed to tell myself that stuff.

Amanda said...

I don't know what a 'lay christian' is, but I loved what you said all the same lol.

I must be one too ;)

Mary said...

The laity are not ordained, not clergy. We are the brothers and sisters in Christ who have not been called to the official religious life of the Catholic Church. We have a different call.