Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My hubby and I just got back from the Eucharistic Chapel where he goes to pray the Rosary every Wednesday at seven.  We have taken to praying the Rosary together most nights. But tonight I went over with him.  This is the best thing we have ever done, praying the Rosary together.  Well, praying together every morning is good too.  The prayer we do together has strengthened our marriage and our own individual commitments to God.

All that praying together wasn't easy to get started.  We didn't pray together for longer than we have prayed together.  At first it was awkward and each of us resisted giving up our time, and uniting in prayer.  It was really hard at first to pray together every morning.  But, it gets easier with practice.

And I share this because if 5 years ago I had read this, I would have said, that is great for those holy-oly people but my hubby would never agree to it.  We don't have time and how would we do it.  I could have found a million excuses.

And today it is the best thing about my marriage and my life.


abroadermark said...

That's why I like having elderly friends like you, Mary. You're full to the brim of wisdom and good advice. :D

abroadermark said...

P.S. It really IS good advice. Thank you for sharing it.

Tami said...

We pray the Rosary as a family during Lent, and we all love it. Then Lent is over, and it falls by the wayside. I'm not sure why, but this post is a great reminder to get back on track. God speaks to my heart each time I pray that prayer. I'm disappointed in myself for not treating myself to that whisper more frequently.
ABM is right, you are a wealth of wisdom and good advice.

Jen said...


You're so right about praying together strengthening marriage. DH and I go through cycles where we pray together every night and cycles where we don't. Right now, we're in a "don't" cycle... and that needs to change.

Thanks for the prompt to get back on track.


Mary said...

Yep, old folks like me have great advice. I find prayer so much easier than some other aspects of my Christian walk. Prayer is one of my strengths.

Dawn by Design said...

Thank you for sharing.