Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Takes, vol 72

Jen at Conversion Diary hosts this meme.  Go around and see what everybody is up to today.

Here's mine---

My baby turned 30 this week. That is only ten years from 40!  Life is screaming by like a roller coaster.  What do you get for your 30 year old?  Well, he wants a house.  I think we are going to try to make that happen for him. LOL  In some small way we are helping him with that as I mentioned yesterday. We aren't giving him a house.  If I had that kind of money I would be vacationing in---anywhere but the Lou this summer. But we are trying to help him to make that happen.

Physical therapy on Tuesday was interesting.  I discovered that I have terrible posture. My neck goes forward.  My shoulders are tight. I need a lumbar support when I sit at the computer.  I have exercises to do and they all make me feel better.  I don't know why people complain about physical therapy.  Although the therapist mentioned a neck stretching device that will probably be used next time that I won't like too much.  And next time is today.  So, yikes.

But the main thing is I feel empowered because I can change my posture and improve the way I feel.    When my shoulder is hurting I have some "cool moves" I can do that help. 

Finally met the new associate pastor Father Joe.  My first impression is that he is a high energy guy.  I can't wait to get to know him better. And he is tall.

Went to my women's bible study group summer social on Wednesday evening.  After hearing the stories of some of the other ladies I can see why God didn't give me a daughter.  Girls are tough it seems to me.  Or maybe just all the girls of all of these women and nobody else's girls are tough.  It seems to be hormones and using the gift of speech inappropriately.  Girls apparently talk back.  I'm sure if I had a girl she would not have talked back, more than once.  But, I guess I will never have to face that challenge.

Went out to try a staycation and I just couldn't find anywhere worth blogging about that I wanted to go.  I am not driving too far afield so some of the interesting places are out.  And I have been busy with trying to get rid of some stuff at home. But I really don't care to blog about packing and cleaning.

Hot Louis.  City of Rivers is what they are calling us lately. I guess Dandelionmom must have written to them whoever they are and complained because we were calling ourselves River City and apparently some city in Iowa owns that title.  But we are the Gateway City and Mound City and home of the blues.  I guess we still have plenty of titles.

I was packing up some stuff the other day and found my purple computer glasses.  A couple of years ago I had special glasses made to work at the computer and I had forgotten about them.  They help my neck/ back because I can see the monitor without looking up and down so much as I do with the bifocals.  What a concept. I guess I need to start using them again.


Mary said...

Back from Physical Therapy. She decided I am not ready for the neck stretching machine. Lucky lucky me. Maybe Monday. Yikes.

Mary said...

Oh, and for future reference, the therapist says that the snap crackle pop I hear in my neck is normal as the muscles loosen up. I kept looking for the rice crispie cereal.