Monday, June 7, 2010

Notes to Self--Tokyo

Dear Mary,

Here you are a young mother in your twenties at the Tokyo Zoo.  You had a blast with hubby's friend and family.  It was one of the perks of military life.  When else would you ever go to the Tokyo Zoo?  You used your options to see the world.  Too bad the Moose remembers none of it.

You were on top of the world this day.  This was a day when things went right, the future seemed endlessly bright.  Not every day is like that.  If I could give you advice I would say--enjoy bigger and don't worry about tomorrow's troubles.  They will be both bigger and smaller than you can imagine, but you will get through them by trusting God.  God will see you through.

But you already knew that, because you were a young mother still in your twenties on top of the world.

With love,
Your future self

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Tami said...

You know Mary that is my biggest concern. We have been blessed in this military life to experience some wonderful things. Not overseas, but my kiddos have definitely seen the entire USA. The General will remember, Princess maybe some things, but Bubby will probably not remember any of this life. It makes me sad, as being a military family is such a huge part of who we are.
I know we will find ourselves after this, and it will be good too. I just want them to hold onto this along with it.