Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Memories--Hawaiian Pirate

We didn't do Halloween very big in our family.  There were several reasons for that.  One was the poison candy and people who choose to make poor choices on that day.  Another reason was that it really wasn't a Christian holiday. Still another was that we moved so often we never really knew our neighbors well.  So, poor Moose didn't get to do much trick or treating. 

But I did let him dress up.  We usually handed out candy and I let him have some of that.  In many places where we lived he dressed up for school parties.  So he wasn't entirely deprived of the Halloween experience.  As I was looking through pictures the other day I came across this one.  He would have fit right in with the Shoes.  He was one mean and cruel looking pirate.  And look at the earring, he must have crossed the Equator. (Not). (The glasses sort of spoil the look, but still.) (And the Cinicinnati Reds shirt inside out....) But the sword could have been used for some cool moves and fun fights.


DandelionMom said...

I will have to show this to my boys--they are currently having a "how tough is a moose" debate. So far they all agree that if a Moose licks its lips it will STOMP you! Did that pirate in toughskins jeans stomp?

Dawn by Design said...

I'm so glad you have this picture and that you shared it with us.


Tami said...

Pictures of your boy, a Monday Memory and a treasure all wrapped into one.
He would fit in with the Shoes, ARGH!

Mary said...

I bet the Dandelion boys are talking about a different kind of Moose. I am not sure if Moose was trying to look mean or whether he was just mad about having his picture taken. For some reason he is not much of a photo boy.

Being an only child, Moose has a large number of pictures of his childhood.