Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mad Hatter of a Weekend

I haven't felt like blogging much lately.  My back goes into spasms when I sit st my regular computer which I have named "Gameshia."  I haven't named this laptop yet.  We have a strange and not always pleasant relationship.  I am thankful for her now because I can blog holding her in my lap.  Hence the lap top!

I am on double doses of Aleve and on a muscle relaxer which makes me sleepy and doesn't seem to have stopped the spasms.  I keep hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and be all better.  All Better.. But it hasn't happened yet.  So here I am whining again at the end of the weekend.

I lectored and it went okay.  I couldn't believe I mispronounced "Ammonites" because I had practiced it perfectly, but I had a muscle spasm right at that moment and it sounded something like "Ammommonites."  Oh, well, I am not the perfect lector all the time.

But summing up the weekend, Friday we went somewhere and ate something.  Saturday I did very little but lay around and complain about how much my back/neck hurts and did laundry.  I am reading an Elizabeth George mystery and it is keeping me involved while I sit around and whine.

After the lector gig this morning, we went out for lunch and drove past our dream house. I slept for part of the afternoon and read.  Then hubby and I went out for a walk because although my back/neck hurts, my foot feels a lot better.  I decided that all 2 or three of you might be disappointed if I didn't do a weekend recap.  So here it is, this is the best I can do today.

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