Sunday, June 20, 2010

Laconic Weekend Recap

Friday the fence company came and fenced our side yard with a cedar privacy fence.  It smells wonderful and looks pretty good.  Hubby stayed home and helped with the decision making processes--you know how they ask you questions about things? I felt so sorry for the fence men because it was the first day of a heat wave.

Saturday we accumulated the paper work for our little project.  If you happened to glance at my recap a few weeks ago that I took down, perhaps you can understand the remark that the negociations have moved along and the project is a "go." I am still not sure when I plan to share the details of that little move, but eventually it will become apparent.

Saturday evening we went to a Mass for our favorite priest, Msgr. Ed, at Holy Redeemer in Webster Groves.  Actually he was the celebrant of the Mass and six other priests and a deacon were there to celebrate it with him. I have never seen so many priests on the altar at one time.  Afterwards we celebrated his 80th birthday. It was a surprise celebration, sort of.  He told someone that they couldn't do it, have a celebration for him.  So we did anyway.  A bishop showed up for the party.  I went with the BreadCo gift card in a card with a note as our gift.

Sunday we went to Mass at St Paraclete's to say good bye to our departing associate pastor.  We tried to catch a Mass with the new associate on Friday, but the celebrant wasn't the one scheduled in the bulletin. Tsk Tsk.  We will meet him eventually.

Sunday is Father's Day and our boy came over.  I think he liked the fence. He has yet to finish staining the deck.

And the pink decorating this blog is about to make me (I was going to say barf) spew.  I always love the pink when I pick it and then relatively quickly I am ready to move on.  I am not a pink kind of gal.  I will have to spend some time on design this week.  If only I could find a teal flower.  I am much more of a teal gal.

Busy week ahead with physical therapy,  prayer group, my women's group, spiritual direction, and a woman's prayer breakfast.  My neck/shoulder arm still hurt.  I hope that physical therapy can help with that.


Tami said...

I hope the PT works too. That is miserable to be hurting so long.

I'm glad the fence looks nice, and the secret project is going well.

Jen said...


I love the new aqua look for your blog. It looks like a refreshing pool of cool water... so perfect in the midst of this heat wave!

Hope you are feeling better.

Take care,

Dawn by Design said...

I LOVE this teal color pattern you have going on. (Is it teal? I know how you feel about teal and I hope I'm not offending Teal if this color is really Aqua or Cerulean or something...)

Mary said...

Teal is turkquoise with gray which defines this color to me. But call it what you will. I take no offense.

Amanda said...

I love the new look Mary... although, I must say, every time I visit, your blog looks different! lol... which is fine with me ;)

Your fence sounds perfect.