Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Holy Spirit Joined Us

Hubby and I went over to pray our Wednesday evening Rosary at the grotto at church.  Nobody, it seems, ever goes over to the Mary statue and prays, so we like to once in a while.  Tonight the weather was gorgeous so we sat out on the bench and prayed.

Since my neck is stiff and hurts unless I stretch it, I spent some of the prayer time looking up.  I noticed one of the hawks that hangs around the church watching us from the cottonwood tree behind the grotto.  Then we got to the decade about the descent of the Holy Spirit and the hawk flew over us.

Since I am a person who sees the hawks as a theophany--a sign of God's presence, I was really happy that we prayed the Rosary out there with the hawk this evening.


Mary said...

And that hawk picture isn't from tonight. It was the young hawks form a couple of years ago looking out my kitchen window. (I'm going to miss the view from this window.)

But even my husband is getting into the swing of things. Tonight he said, too bad you don't have your camera with you.

Judy said...